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Our Story

We are a brand built on belonging.

CozyCovers were created for anyone and everyone in need of a safe, convenient and portable covering for mats, beds or seats. Our story, however, begins with those who needed Cozy Covers the most: foster children, veterans and daycares.
Originally developed to provide a portable, own-able source of comfort and safety to children and the displaced, CozyCovers now help slumberers everywhere feel both comfortable and in control.

A best-in-class solution you can count on.

  • Guaranteed Quality
  • One Size Fits Most Mats
  • Easy To Use

Always American-made.

Founded in Greenville, South Carolina, Cozy Covers still proudly sources and manufactures its products right here in the United States.

Forever rooted in community.

From the beginning, Cozy Covers has been committed to the community that helped launch our brand, and the communities that needed our solutions the most. This philosophy continues to guide the growth of our product line, and Cozy Covers continues to invest back in the city we call home through donations to foster home and charity organizations.